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how can we help you avoid id theft?

* reduce

We'll request removal for you from "pre-approved" credit card offers and other "junk mail". Our Mail Reduction Service is $10.

* private mail boxes

Strict procedures ensure you receive your items and that no one else ever has access to them. A keypad lock on the door provides you the option of 24/7 access while providing more security than a simple keyed door. Your address is a street address, allowing you to receive deliveries from all carriers, not just the Postal Service. A variety of options allow you to customize your service to fit your needs.

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* notary services

Secure, on-site disposal of confidential information.

Following proper procedure for notarizations protects your identity, helping to prevent someone else from posing as you or making use of your documents. Most notary services are $10 for the first service. Notary services require the presence of a Notary Public and Ship Shop has one on site at all times.

* shredding

* keys

We duplicate household, non-security chip automotive, and many other types of keys.


* credit reporting

Inspecting your credit report on a regular basis will detect when someone is opening or using accounts in your name. Through our Credit Reporting Services we'll arrange for a credit report from one of the national credit reporting companies and print the credit summary for you for $10. If you need the entire report printed just pay an additional 10 cents per page.

* fraud alerts


If you have lost your wallet or have any other reason to think your private information has been stolen, a fraud alert will cause creditors to take extra care in making changes to or opening new accounts in your name. Our Fraud Alert Service is $10.

10 cents per page
79 cents per pound