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Proper Packing

Proper packing and use of materials to minimize breakage and/or damaged items is a skill that must be learned. We have the correct supplies and skills to properly pack your items for safe shipping.


The best insurance against breakage is proper packing. We also give you the option of purchasing reliable insurance to protect the value of your package.


Just bring your items in and we take care of the rest. No need to have a garage full of old boxes, peanuts or bubble wrap at home. We can have you quickly on your way and complete the packing process after you're gone.

why should you choose us?

ship shop gladly recycles all packing materials

Do you have peanuts, air pillows, or other packing materials lying around from shipments you've received and don't know what to do with them? Ship Shop will gladly take them off your hands and recycle them for you. Just drop them off at the store any time.